I am interested in the diversity that surrounds us, and also in the countless ways of seeing it. As a photographer, my fascination is framing daily subjects or situations so as to challenge myself and create unique photographs.



As a fine art photographer, I have centered my attention on organic shapes to create stark desert pared down images to develop the project tittled Ourea, which means “the god of the mountains” in Greek mythology.  This is a photographic series that explores body surfaces as surreal landscapes. Human figure details are framed in an unusual way to create unique corporeal landscapes generating the illusion of sensual, witty, enigmatic photographs. The abstract images invite the observer to question their vision to classic nudes and landscape genres using photographic elements of both.

Ourea takes some photographic classic landscape visual elements (horizontality, spatiality) to project the human anatomy as soft nude images converting them in un-scaled landforms to tease the eye of the viewer. Consequently, Ourea intends to give a fresh look about classic nude genre, sidelining the traditional dramatic light to create soft pale colors of skin to photograph cryptic and ambiguous forms of human body. The solid monochrome color background that contrasts the shape of the pale body, create a great negative and positive space that pronounce the minimalism aesthetic of Ourea.